Surface mounted UV-C applications demand installation flexibility and the Bio-Fighter® Nomad delivers one of the most flexible chassis designs available. The multi-input voltage power supply, providing the installer a range of 120 to 240V, coupled with the Nomad's innovative chassis bracket feature allow the Nomad to be installed virtually anywhere, in or on your residential HVAC system. An optional remote safety interlock ensures power disconnect for internally mounted fixtures and the safety system is compatible for insert mount applications as well. Features • High-intensity H-tube lamp design • Installation brackets for easy install • Multi-voltage electronic ballast • Lampholders simplify lamp replacement • Air handler viewport • Optional remote safety interlock • Optional lamp shield • Limited lifetime warranty Base Dimensions: Nomad - 7"L x 3.5"W x 3.125"H Nomad 2 - 17"L x 5.937"W x 1.5"H Weight: Nomad - 3.75 lbs. Nomad 2 - 5.5 lbs. Power: 120V to 240V multi-voltage electronic ballast. Full Load Amps: Nomad - 0.45 @ 120V, 0.22 @ 240V. Nomad 2 - 0.85 @ 120V, 0.39 @ 2340V. UV Output: 155 to 740 microwatts* depending on model. *Measured at 12", 50 degrees, 24x24 duct, 500 fpm. Ozone Generation: None Average Tube Life: 9000 Hours Continuous Accessories: Remote safety switch
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