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The Triad HO installs in the heating and cooling system's ductwork and significantly reduces the amount of harmful pathogens such as molds, bacteria, yeasts, and viruses that can develop in these systems. Exposure to UV-C light at the effective level results in DNA destruction in susceptible micro-organisms. For maximum UV-C output, the Bio-Fighter® Triad HO is the product of choice. The Triad HO features a stainless steel cover, UV-safe viewport, detachable power cord, easy bulb replacement, matched ballast and bulb, and limited lifetime warranty. The Triad HO also incorporates dual safety devices and has earned an ETL safety listing. The Triad HO is available in 120V or 230V models, 16" or 20" bulb lengths, and single or dual bulb configurations. (Consult with a UV-C trained professional for the recommended Bio-Fighter®.)  UL, ETL ListedV-C system to address your needs.) Dimensions: Triad 1S - 6.75"L x 11"W x 2"H Triad 2S - 6.75"L x 14"W x 2"H Weight: Triad 1S 120V - 4.50 lbs. Triad 1S 230V - 5.75 lbs. Triad 2S 120V - 6.75 lbs. Triad 2S 230V - 8.00 lbs. Power: 120 volt standard. 230 volt optional. Current: Triad 1S16 - 850 Ma @ 120V, 850 Ma @ 230V Triad 1S20 - 850 Ma @ 120V, 760 Ma @ 230V Triad 2S16 - 1700 Ma @ 120V, 1600 Ma @ 230V Triad 2S20 - 1700 Ma @ 120V, 1520 Ma @ 230V UV Output: 550 to 1460 Microwatts* depending on model. *Measured at 12", 50 degrees, 24x24 duct, 500 fpm. Ozone Generation: None with standard bulbs. Ozone generating bulbs available. Average Bulb Life: 9000 Hours Continuous Accessories: Ductboard mounting kit Whip-type power cord